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"There's nothing left for me
Of days that used to be;
I live in memory
Among my souvenirs" 
                                             -- Edgar Lesley, 1927 

Hailing from the hinterlands of rural Vermont, crumbling farmhouses and faded vestiges of our agricultural economy have always been an integral part of my landscape. Even in their state of decay, I believe these places hold a deep magic and beauty. Uninhabited and forgotten often for decades, containing generations worth of tastes and scars and stories and objects, they remain secret portals to a way of life long gone. To see them melt back into the landscape is an intriguing process as well, as the so-called "abandoned" houses are never truly forsaken-- nature is happy to welcome them back into the vines and soil. I consider myself an armchair preservationist, forever debating with myself over the best possible fate for these forgotten structures.
You can get in touch with me at: dakotawalsh92 {{a.t}} gmail.com